A fusion school that combines Gurukul and activity-based CBSE pattern for sharp learning through strong foundations of Sanskrit

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Devvani Pre-school

Sanskrit is considered as the Mother of all Languages, thanks to its origin that date back to over 4000 years, the numerous languages that have been derived from it, and the completeness which ensures that every human sound uttered has an alphabet. Sanskrit is also known as “Dev Vani” the language of Gods, as it was in this language that all our ancient Vedas were written by our great Sages.

Devvani pre-school has special emphasis on laying foundations of sharp learning through the proven aura of Sanskrit language. Cognitive neuroscience researches have shown that people who memorize long Sanskrit texts have brains that literally expand and become better with sharper memory and cognitive skills. It is with this basis that Dev Vani Pre-School is conceptualized as a fusion school that combines best of the two worlds: Traditional Gurukul with foundations of Sanskrit and activity-based CBSE pattern complimented with Technology Enhanced Learning.



Vedacharya Shri Ghaisas Guruji Vedpathshala, a 74-year old Gurukul in Pune, has dedicated itself to imparting Sanskrit based Vedic knowledge through an intense 12-years resident course. This course is conducted in the quest of its effort towards preserving and propagating ancient knowledge and tradition.

Dev Vani Pre-School is an activity of Shri Ghaisas Guruji Vedpathshala and ETHDC Technologies, a technology-oriented organization that is engaged in developing ICT based solutions for Technology Enhanced Learning and Digitization.

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